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UAN Productions specializes in creating high-quality, customized photo slideshows for any occasion. I use several different professional multi-media software with many options for special animated effects, transitions, backgrounds and audio effects.


Your slideshow can include photos and other scannable media, video and audio clips, and the music of your choice. I offer minor photo restoration when possible and video clip editing.

If you’re not sure exactly what you want, simply fill out the inquiry form telling me about your project. From there, we can go over the details together and I can guide you through the next steps.


If you are ready to place your order follow the steps below:

Print out and complete the order form for either slideshow of photo scanning

Fill out the form as completely as you can.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Use additional sheets for any other information you want to share about your slideshow. Once we review and agree on the details, you will receive a work order via email to sign and return. For mixed media submissions 25% non-refundable deposit is required before work begins.

Gather and organize the photos and other material you want in the slideshow

IMPORTANT: If you want your photos (and other media) in a specific order you must number them on the back, preferably in pencil.  DO NOT USE MARKER or GEL PENS that may bleed through the photo. You can also use sticky notes on the back of the photo if you want to add captions or for special instructions about the photo.  Place your photos in baggies or envelops and secure with rubber bands. IT IS NOT ADVISABLE TO USE PAPER CLIPS, TAPE OR BINDER CLIPS, they may detach or damage the photos.


If you are sending flash drives, your files should be in order.  Rename your photos before you save to the flash drive (for example, Pic1, Pic2, etc…).  For video clips, please let me know where you want the clip to appear in the video (for example, between Pic25 and Pic26).


When sending digital photos and/or video clips from your phone or computer, use one of the following file sharing options:

Email to:

Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud: share with

If you will be sending all of your materials via digital submissions, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required before work begins.

Music Selections

UAN Production DVD Slideshows are exclusively for private use only.  Therefore, I purchase the music for your slideshow.  You must provide the title and artist.  Make sure you check the chart on the order form and requests the required amount of songs to go with the number of photos you are sending.  The chart uses the assumption that the average song is 3-5 minutes. If the length any of your selections are shorter than three minutes you should add an additional song.  It is not a problem song selections are longer than 5 minutes.

Production Time

It takes approximately 7-14 days to complete your project.  This does not include shipping time.  Additional time may be needed for larger, more complex projects.  Additional charges apply for rush orders.

DVD Preview

You will be notified via email when your DVD is complete.  One on-line preview is included in your price. You can preview your video slideshow as many times as you like and requests changes.  After the first preview changes have been made, your final approval will be requested and the DVD will be produced immediately.  There will be a $25 charge for an additional preview with additional changes after the DVD is produced.

UAN Productions wants you to be thrilled with your DVD Slideshow or Photo Scanning DVD.  By previewing your DVD and making changes before it is produced, you can ensure 100% satisfaction. It is my desire that your finished product meets your expectations.  So it is encouraged that you view your project to avoid any issues or problems. There is additional cost to make changes after the DVD is produced.  Due to the extensive time, labor and materials involved in creating your DVD, UAN Productions does not offer refunds.


UAN Productions stores your finished product for a period of one year. You can request additional copies any time during that period. 


I accept PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, personal checks, and bank certified checks.


If you are using PayPal or Mobile app for payment, I will send you an email with a payment link that you can use to make your payment securely. For your security, I do not take your credit card information.

Deposits and Final Payments made by personal checks must clear the bank before prior to start of work and return shipping.



Once you approve the preview, I will complete production of the final DVD.  All balances must be paid in full prior to shipping your DVD and materials back to you.  You will be notified of the date you should expect your package to arrive and the tracking number. Everything will be shipped back to you via USPS Priority Mail or Overnight Express Mail.

Privacy Policy

UAN Production will never share or use your personal information, your images, video clips and any material you send in for any reason.



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